The Love Drug

Love is an incredibly powerful and all-consuming emotion. Whether you’ve settled into your singledom or you’re a hopeless romantic the antics of most weddings will leave you absolutely beaming. It’s hard not to catch feelings when you’re participating in all the wedding party festivities. Even if you’re single as a Pringle at the moment it’s only natural to feel as if you’ve been bitten by the love bug. The wedding may be incredibly celebratory for couples but the Bachelor Party is your best time to shine!

It’s Your Time To Shine

We invite you to fall in love with our scintillating strip shows! The Bachelor party is truly your time to shine! While the Bachelor Party is designed for the Groom in mind we encourage all guests to actively participate in the show. Our intoxicating Strip Shows all perform Lap Dances and Private Dances for all willing members of your party. The Exotic Dancers do a series of erotic games and parlor tricks guaranteed to spice up your night! Don’t detach from your reality of sumptuously Sexy Strippers any excuse for a foray into erotic entertainment shouldn’t be wasted.

Seek Your Own Solace

It’s important to understand your worth. Even if you’re confidently and happily single you can still fall in love with the wedding festivities. Sure you could end up with the coveted prize of a single bridesmaid but the safer bet would be to fall in love with the strip show at the Bachelor Party. Think of all those uncomfortable family dinners if it doesn’t work out. Sensuous Exotic Dancers come directly to your door with the sole desire of removing their clothing. You already won when you choose Kitty Cat Now for your New Orleans Bachelor Party! Give us a call or book online today!

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