Women Appreciate Exotic Dancing Just as Much as Men Do!

When you think of exotic dancing, immediately, you think of a bunch of men sitting around a table or a stage tossing dollar bills on the stage in front of an attractive woman. While that is an accurate depiction, that is only half of the picture. At Kitty Cat Now New Orleans, we know and understand just how much women can, and do, enjoy female exotic entertainment.

Women Better Understand the Delicate Beauty Behind the Female Body

When a man or group of men look at women, especially like the ones from Kitty Cat Now New Orleans, they stare and gawk at them with a lustful passion that is hard to ignore. If they have nice legs, firm breasts, and a thick rear, the men are happy. Now, do not get us wrong; there is absolutely nothing wrong with how a man stares at a woman with pure, unadulterated lust. If we’re being honest, it’s kind of hot.

However, when a woman gazes at the body of another woman, the entire atmosphere changes. They note and appreciate the delicate curves of a woman’s body. The way she sways to the music is more like an erotic ballet than a fast-paced “come and get it” style show.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

Kitty Cat Now New Orleans has several options to help make a girl’s night out a night to remember. Whether you are a lesbian, bi-sexual, or heterosexual, Kitty Cat Now New Orleans  has a show that is guaranteed to please. Whether you are looking for a lesbian girl-on-girl party with toys and games, a relaxing day of fun, or something more intimate like Boobs and Bacon or Tit’s and Toast to start your day off right with that someone special in your life, we can help.

Regardless of what kind of options you are interested in, you can rest assured that the girls from Kitty Cat Now New Orleans will be respectful, discreet, and polite. We are professional adult entertainment providers and carry ourselves as such. Contact Kitty Cat Now New Orleans today, and let’s see what kind of fun just us girls can have!

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