The Ultimate Male Fantasy

If you’re amongst the lucky few to have the honor of planning a Bachelor Party  in February, its a blatant opportunity to integrate it with the Big Game. The combination of these two iconic events results in an outrageously testosterone filled evening. The sanctity of football, beer, and chicken wings is not to be trifled with. The last thing you need is your girl whispering under her breath, “That’s your sixth beer, you better slow down.” Contradictorily, imagine our sexy Kitty Cat’s as Topless or Nude Waitresses who’s sole mission is to please and serve you during the Big Game. More BBQ sauce, naked cartwheels, or a sexy Lesbian show at halftime, whatever you wish is their desire. Freeing you from the stresses of wayward glances of your better half.

Bachelor Parties are arguably the most celebrated and illustrious memories of a man’s life. This pivotal opportunity of a conjoined Big Game Party will allow you to actually let your guard down and enjoy the intensity of the game while amusing your guests with seductive Topless Waitresses and Exotic Dancers. By choosing Kitty Cat Now New Orleans there’s no need to be the dashing host that often spends more time in the kitchen then with your guests. Our Kitty Cat’s will take care of anything you need on game day.


With Kitty Cat Now New Orleans we’ll actualize your wildest fantasies for a 2018 Big Game Party. Using this once in a lifetime opportunity, you can enjoy the thrill of football and the allure of Strippers and Topless Waitresses that will be sure to excite and enthrall your guests. Uniting all of you for one incredibly momentous occasion. Please give us a call at 504-541-0956 or book online today at so that this Big Game will can be the ultimate male fantasy.

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