The Strip Tease Main Event

It’s true what they say ‘The Strip Tease is the Main Event’ at your Fight Night! After all the jabs and upper cuts we need a reprieve from the violence, all that pent-up aggression has to go somewhere . Who doesn’t enjoy a testosterone fueled Fight Night but what really taps off that high is an invigorating Erotic Show from your favorite local Striping Agency!

The Best Headliner At Your Fight

The best headliners at your fight are the sumptuous  Kitty Cat’s™ Strippers. Renown for their grace and beauty sure to stop your racing minds and invite your roaming hands. The guys are bound to be impressed once they have these bodacious babes in abundance at your Fight Night! Our Kitty Cat’s™ Strippers break up the monotony of all that testosterone. By way of whip cream body shots and intimate lap dances for you and your closest friends!

Set Your Own Standards

Set your own standards for your perfect Fight Night! Distinguish your own individuality from others. Don’t be left repressing your own personality and flare for the perfect Fight Night when you incorporate Beautifully Fully Nude Strippers into your party! Give us a call or Book Online today to create the Strip Tease Main Event!

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