Make Your Preseason Party as Wild as the Off Season

With training camp underway and the Hall of Fame Game and other preseason games fast approaching, it’s time to start planning your preseason party! These preseason parties have turned into a bit of a tradition for many diehard NFL fans as a way to jumpstart some good karma for the team and get everyone pumped for this coming season. So……are you ready for some football?

Planning Your Preseason Party

This off-season was crazy. Between celebrity golf outings, player holdouts, and trade demands, it was, and for some fans still is, a rollercoaster, to say the least. So, you have to make sure you kick your game up a notch when you start to plan your party and or theme. You can always use any left-over ideas from your super bowl party if you had one. If not, then it might not be a bad idea to start figuring out a couple of ideas ahead of time just in case your team makes it this year!

Focus On This Season

One mistake many first-time and even some veteran party planners make is focusing too much on previous years. Yes, we all love to relive the glory days, but that is not what this party is all about. Every team this year has made some great free-agent acquisitions, and this was one of the richest draft classes in multiple positions in a long time. To be honest, there is a lot for every team to look forward to this year.

Food and Entertainment Go Hand in Hand

Food is always the first thing people think about when it comes to an NFL party. Are you going to do traditional tailgating food, or will you be a little more conventional with a big buffet? Either way, this is an opportunity for you to really kick it into high gear with the help of Kitty Cat Now New Orleans. Our topless and nude waitstaff, including bartenders, can leave your guests begging for an instant replay. Just make sure your guests understand that they are required to behave themselves accordingly; otherwise, there will be a flag thrown on the play.

All jokes aside, we really want to help you host the perfect preseason kickoff party possible and would love to hear what ideas you have planned and how we might add a little spice to your party. Contact Kitty Cat Now New Orleans today to learn more!

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