Halloween party ideas

As October sneaks in, there’s that undeniable electric chill, setting the stage for some spine-tingling festivities. Halloween’s not just child’s play. At Kitty Cat Now New Orleans, we’re the bewitching proof.

Planning a bachelor party close to All Hallows’ Eve? Why not blend the magic of Halloween with that last hurrah? Envision a coven of our enchanting strippers, ready to breathe life into your spookiest — and steamiest — fantasies. Sultry witches? Tantalizing vampires? With us, Halloween gets a steamy makeover.

Hosting a classic Halloween cocktail party? Ditch the regular and dive into the extraordinary. As those blood-red drinks and spectral brews flow, let our topless or nude waitresses in captivating Halloween costumes do the serving. Not just quenching thirsts but igniting desires.

Why go for creepy when you can go for cheeky?

The magic hour? Midnight, when the supernatural reigns. Tailor our signature 2 Girl Fantasy Show to fit the Halloween vibe. Dance under a spellbinding moon or immerse in a performance teeming with Halloween props. You decide; we’ll enchant.

Want to surprise your pals? Send over a seductive vampire or playful demon Strip-O-Gram. It’s a treat (and trick) they won’t see coming!

Organizing a large-scale or corporate Halloween event? We’re in. Our versatile strippers mold to your event’s size and theme, ensuring the Kitty Cat Now charm is felt in every shadowy corner.

Candy’s sweet, but we’re the treat that’ll make your night

With Kitty Cat Now, Halloween transforms. It’s not just the typical scares; it’s about those goosebump-inducing, pulse-quickening moments that blur the lines between eerie allure and electrifying excitement.

This Halloween, challenge the ordinary. Unravel a realm where every shadow whispers secrets, every dance weaves tales, and Kitty Cat NowNew Orleans holds the key to your most thrilling Halloween dreams.

Slots fill up fast, especially when our witches are in town. Book now, if you dare, and let’s craft a Halloween that’s hauntingly unforgettable!

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