Breathe Easy In The Big Easy Kitty Cat Now Will Take Care Of The Rest

The moment the strong humid winds from the Gulf caress your skin it instantly puts you in a New Orleans Sense of Mind. New Orleans is both a metaphor and the perfect setting for your Bachelor Party. NOLA is a unique city of contradiction, superstition, and sensuality. It serves as a magnet to all those who seek a city renowned for its open vice as it’s easy to access gambling, numerous watering holes and beautifully scantily clad women.

New Orleans Is The City Of Your Deepest Desires

The city emits a true power over our imaginations. A mysterious destination of unconfessed desires. Making it the perfect backdrop for your Destination Bachelor Party. Whether you’ve planned every detail ahead of time or an absolute whim while you’re 3 sheets to the Bayou wind. When you connect with NOLA’s finest Erotic Dancers you can simply sit back and breathe easy, Kitty Cat Now has got you covered!

Kitty Cat Now Has Got You Covered

We provide everything from single-girl shows to full-throttle Erotic Lesbian and Fantasy Shows. Any variation can be tailored to your exact specifications with multiple girls featuring a show-stopping series of erotic games and parlor tricks!

NOLA By Night

New Orleans is a majestic city but residents and tourists alike insist the best experience is by night. The bustling French Quarter, the intoxicating scent of night-blooming jasmine in the Garden District all truly comes alive by night. There simply isn’t a better evening than experiencing the din of a lively jazz club only to go back to your vacation rental for a rousing Erotic Show. It’s simply the gold standard of a perfect NOLA evening. Give us a Call or Book Online Today, we’ll take care of the rest!

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