A Mardi Gras Celebration to go down in Infamy

Mardi Gras is Finally upon us! A glorification of; music, parades, floats, beads bedecked on every inch of outer surfaces, utter madness and excitement! Fat Tuesday is a Carnival celebration of food; a revelry before the first day of Lent. A last hurrah before forty days of self restraint typically marked by fasting and abstinence; a wild festival and an all encompassing huge holiday in New Orleans.

Experienced Revelers are distinguished to wear outrageous costumes dressing in the preferred colors of purple, green, and gold, adorning themselves with long beads caught from the floats of previous parades. Ultimately, the festivities last two weeks, but culminate in bacchanalian parties and colorful parades during the five days surrounding Mardi Gras.There is usually one major procession each day and several smaller parades, parties, balls, masquerades, and King Cake parties.

During the madness of Mardi Gras, the majority of non-essential businesses are shut down due to the celebration. Notable residents have used Kitty Cat Now New Orleans to ensure their party is taken to the next level! Preferring to have their own wild parties in order to observe the festivities away from the hordes of crowds in the French Quarter. Desiring Topless or Nude waitresses draped in glimmering beads often masqueraded by ornate Venetian masks for that added allure of sex appeal for even the most distinguished events.

If you’ve opted to celebrate your Bachelor party in NOLA during Mardi Gras it’s imperative to ensure it lives up to the proper Bacchanalian exploit with a boisterous and unrelenting two Girl Erotic Show from our gorgeous Kitty Cat’s™ who will show you how NOLA girl’s really party! Ensuring that your soon to be Groom will be left with an overwhelming sense of Southern hospitality.

Eventually, the festivities end on Bourbon Street when the clock strikes midnight. The parade of mounted police march ahead of the street sweepers, the plethora of all the colorful beads and debris of plastic cups are swept away and Lent begins. But that doesn’t necessarily mean your partying has to end. Give Kitty Cat Now a call and we’ll bring the party to your home, hotel or AirBnB!

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